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American Academy of Underwater Scientists Holds Diving Symposium

by Samuel Gerson MD

Samuel “Sam” Gerson, MD, formerly served as attending physician at the University of California - San Diego (UCSD). While there, he worked in emergency medicine, diving and hyperbaric medicine, and emergency ultrasound. Currently, Dr. Samuel Gerson works as a research diver on projects for Scripps Institute of Oceanography and Northeastern University. Sam Gerson, MD, contributes to projects for the American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS).
Officially chartered in 1983 in California, the AAUS facilitates divers' development through scientific diving practices and certifications. Today the organization supports over 1,100 individual members and 130 organizational members, with the latter group being comprised of educational institutions, governmental agencies, and consulting firms.
Each year, the AAUS holds a symposium. Its 2015 event will take place from September 28 through October 3 in Key West, Florida. The event brings together scientists, dive safety professionals, and dive officers. Attendees may take part in workshops and courses and will benefit from ample networking opportunities. The symposium closes with a two-day science session and annual awards banquet. For an additional fee, diving opportunities are held at Islamorada and Dry Tortugas National Park.                            
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